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This central core is typically made of reinforced concrete and serves as the spine of the building, providing stability and support for the floors and walls. The Super Core System involves casting the concrete core floor by floor as the structure is built upwards. The system is shifted upwards by a series of centrally controlled hydrualic cylinders, allowing the system to be independent of the crane . This method of construction is considered efficient, cost-effective, and eliminates hours of crane time on each floor.


Super Grid is designed to decrease labor costs, improve safety, and meet the demands of today’s structural requirements. The system has been designed to combine maximum flexibility in use with a minimum number of components. Posts, Main Beams, and Secondary Beams are the only three components used for basic application. Super Grid is the most widely accepted shoring system used in commerical concrete construction across the USA.

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Super Shore is the most versatile aluminum shoring system available in the USA. The Super Shore leg has a safe working capacity of 22,000lbs, making it capable of supporting even the deepest slabs. The system has been recognized as the 'go to' system for high load/high reach heavy civil construction applications nationwide. The true strenght of the system is in its versatility. While having it roots deep in the heavy civil sector, this system has been used to construct countless multi-story structures throughout North America. The incorportion of flying tables makes multi-story construction safe, effecient, and profitable.  


Super Girder is the toughest self-spanning steel formwork system available in the USA. The system has been recognized as the 'go to' system for heavy civil construction applications nationwide.  
The team at Concrete Support Systems got their start in the heavy civil market. With over 400 years of total experience supplying solutions for some of the largest civil projects in the USA, we have the answers that you need. Our expertise includes both standard steel girder form and custom steel girder form applications.  

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Solo Form is the only concrete formwork system you will ever need on the jobsite. Thanks to the revolutionary design, it’s the strongest handset system available on the market today. Couple that with the 8' x 8' Super Solo Form panels, and the system is the ideal choice for crane set formwork assemblies. With just a few blows of the hammer, the lightweight panel clamp connects panel joints. The complete line of Solo Form accessories and hardware make constructing walls safe and easy. The system can be moved as ganged formwork with no additional hardware, so at any time you can cut your labor without adding additional supporting members.

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