Formwork Euro Thread

Water resistant Inner Units

Product Description:

Concrete Support Systems, LLC stocks cut to size water resistant Euro Thread in standard lengths. We will also cut size any non-standard lengths in our workshop. The appropriate neoprene washer is used to create a tight fitting seal surrounding the Euro Thread inner unit. This washer prevents the seepage of water along the body of the Euro Thread and is an industry standard. These washers are also available for field installation as well.

In addition, we also stock a complete line of Hyrdophillic water stop rings for use with various diameter inner units. The Hydrophillic material expands in water up to eight times it original size, thus creating a tight seal in any water mitigating application.


15 mm Water Resistant Inner Unit

Part Number: 104.015.0000
Physical Measurements
Dimensions 5/8 in Cut to Size / 15.00 mm Cut to Size
Weight 1.0 lb/ft / 1.49 kg/m
Working Load 21.9 kips / 97.50 kn
Ultimate Load 43.8 kips / 195.00 kn

20 mm Water Resistant Inner Unit

Part Number: 104.020.0000
Physical Measurements
Dimensions 7/8 Cut to Size / 20.00 mm Cut to Size
Weight 1.70 lb/ft / 2.53 kg/m
Working Load 38.0 kips / 172.50 kn
Ultimate Load 76.0 kips / 345.00 kn

26.5 mm Water Resistant Inner Unit

Part Number: 104.026.0000
Physical Measurements
Dimensions 1 in Cut to Size / 26.50 mm Cut to Size
Weight 3.00 lb/ft / 4.47 kg/m
Working Load 66.8 kips / 303.00 kn
Ultimate Load 133.6 kips / 568.00 kn

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