Formwork Euro Thread

PVC Push Fit Cone

Product Description:

Euro Thread Thru Tie are sleeved in PVC tubing and capped with reusable plastic cones.  This system allows the Euro Thread to be reused again and again, while setting formwork wall thicknesses and providing an excellent concrete finish. The spin fast technology makes setting and stripping ties safe, fast and economical. The Euro Thread is protected by the PVC tubing, which allows the tie to be reused. The PVC tubing remains in the concrete wall.  The tight fitting cones provide a 3/8” set back and an appealing look. These holts may remain or you may choose to fill these holes with grout.

15 mm PVC Push Fit Cones

Part Number: 103.015.0002
Physical Measurements
Diameter 5/8 in / 15 mm
Weight .02 lbs / .01 kg

20 mm PVC Push Fit Cones

Part Number: 103.020.0002
Physical Measurements
Diameter 7/8 in / 20 mm
Weight .03 lbs / .14 kg

26.5 mm PVC Push Fit Cones

Part Number: 103.026.0002
Physical Measurements
Diameter 1 in / 26.5 mm
Weight .04 lbs / .018 kg


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